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Complex Regional Pain Syndrome /Reflex Sympathetic Dystropy Overview

Sometimes it starts with a car accident; others with a fall, or surgery. The injury seems minor and you anticipate quick recovery. But later, after days or weeks, something is wrong. There is pain that shouldn’t be there, and it may be way disproportionate to the initial injury. To make matters worse, your doctor just doesn’t get it and thinks you’re exaggerating. But if you’ve developed complex regional pain syndrome / reflex sympathetic dystrophy (CRPS or CPRS/RSD), you could be in for a long and painful battle. RSD is the former name for Type I CRPS, the most common type, with no observable nerve damage.

CRPS is very real, very painful, and very frustrating. It is a sympathetic nervous system dysfunction that can appear without warning as a complication of a relatively minor injury. It usually begins at the injury site and then spreads. It often causes unremitting pain, day and night, which makes sleep nearly impossible and places serious limitations on other activities. The pain, caused by misfiring nerves, may be accompanied by sweating, weakness, atrophy of the bone or skin, hair loss, and contracture of the joints. Many people who suffer from this debilitating condition never work again. Medical expenses can be enormous. Many doctors are not familiar with CRPS, since it is relatively rare, and sufferers often go from one physician to another without getting an accurate diagnosis for their agonizing pain.

A Word of Warning

At the Kitay law firm, we encourage anyone who has experienced even a minor injury in a car accident to avoid making a quick settlement with an insurance company without consulting an attorney. Although CRPS is relatively rare, we are becoming more aware of this unfortunate complication of accidental injuries. Insurance companies work hard to obtain a general release in exchange for a small settlement in accidents, especially those involving only soft tissue injuries. Once you’ve accepted a settlement, there’s no going back. So if you are one of the unfortunate accident victims who develop CRPS, if you’ve signed a release, you’ll have no recourse against the person responsible for your condition. Never accept a settlement or sign a release in the early days and weeks following an accident without consulting an attorney, because you may not realize the full extent of your damages.

Help for CRPS from the Kitay Law Firm

Just as many doctors are unfamiliar with CRPS, so are many lawyers. The Kitay law firm has helped many people afflicted with this devastating and life-changing condition to recover compensation for their losses, and we have created this website as a public service to provide you the information you need about CRPS.
If you were injured in an accident that was someone else’s fault and are experiencing pain that is out of proportion to what you would expect from the type of injury, and if the pain is getting worse instead of better and spreading to other parts of your body, contact the Kitay law firm today, even if you have not yet been diagnosed with CRPS. Many people experiencing what you’re going through feel hopeless, depressed, and want to give up. But there is help. We understand, and we want to give you the best shot at a full and adequate recovery that will compensate you for everything you’ve suffered and allow you to seek out the best medical care available for your condition.

We accept CRPS cases throughout the United States. The initial consultation free, and you pay nothing , ever, unless we win money for you.